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Seeing the Positive in Everything

March 30th 2007

Do you see the positives in everything? Are you that optimistic person that, no matter what the situation is, you believe the cup is half-full?

I’d like to think that’s how I am and how I respond to each situation thrown at me, but the truth is I’m not as consistently positive as I’d like to be. (more…)

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You Be the Fan for a Game

March 29th 2007

So you believe your team or athletics department offers the very best entertainment and fan experience in town? How do you know?

One great way to find out is be a fan for one of your games and determine for yourself whether or not your experience is the very best.  Better yet, be a fan at not only one of your events, but be a fan at each of your competitor’s events, as well as your own and do your best to be objective in your event evaluations across the board. (more…)

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Life and Our Children Are a Privilege

March 28th 2007

Our Life, and the lives of our children, truly is a privilege. However, I know I haven’t always viewed it that way.

Sometimes in life it takes an event – or someone sharing an experience – that makes you think, “Wow, we’re so lucky and what a privilege life is.” (more…)

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Are $1 Concession Items Hockey’s Ticket?

March 27th 2007

I was reading through a series of promotions a hockey team is hosting this season, and the $1 hot dogs and $1 French fries offered for a Friday Family Night are attractive offers to get a family interested in attending a hockey game.

What I found interesting, though, is the hockey team didn’t offer a family ticket special, only the $1 concession items.  I’m curious if the $1 concession items – keep in mind families need to purchase expensive soft drinks in souvenir cups! – are enough to persuade families to attend a hockey game…especially those first time attendees. (more…)

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Winona State’s Record Win Streak Ends at 57

March 26th 2007

Down seven points with 45 second left in the 2007 NCAA Division II Men’s Basketball National Championship, Barton College (NC) capped its comeback with a steal and lay-up as the final horn sounded to end Winona State’s record 57-game winning streak.

It was an amazing finish as Barton outscored the defending National Champion Warriors 10-1 to win the its first National Championship. (more…)

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WSU Advances to Championship Game

March 23rd 2007

Winona State, winners of an NCAA Division II men’s basketball record 56 consecutive games dating back to last season when they won the National Championship and my alma mater, won a hard-fought game in overtime last night over Central Missouri to advance to tomorrow’s NCAA Division II National Championship game against Barton (Wilson, NC) College. (more…)

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Winona State Extends Record Wins to 56

March 22nd 2007

Winona State – the defending NCAA Division II National Champions, winners of a record 56 consecutive games, and my alma mater – advanced to the NCAA Division II Final Four last night with its 64-51 win over previously unbeaten and No. 2-ranked Bentley (Mass.) in the NCAA Division II quarter-finals.

In the birthplace of basketball – Springfield, Mass. – the Warriors will put their 56-game winning streak on the line tonight against the Mules of Central Missouri, who are ranked No. 6 in the country and 31-3. (more…)

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One Big Bird

March 21st 2007

While flying on a plane yesterday, I read about the new Airbus A380.  It’s a super-jumbo plane that has a wingspan of 261 feet – that’s nearly the length of a football field. It’s eight stories tall and weighs 12 million pounds.
Comparing the super-jumbo to Charles Lindbergh’s ground-breaking flight in 1927, the Spirit of St. Louis weighed a mere 5,000 pounds. (more…)

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Good Call Not to Buy the T-shirt

March 20th 2007

Recently my wife made a great decision while shopping with our kids when she did not buy a T-shirt for our youngest daughter.

I’m not sure what stopped her. Likely another shirt that caught our daughter’s attention, but I was quite surprised she didn’t choose to get it because she was so excited to tell me what the shirt said when she returned home from the mall. (more…)

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NACDA Creates Mentoring Institute

March 12th 2007

The National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics (NACDA) have announced an inaugural Mentoring Institute for collegiate athletics administrators who are one step away from being a collegiate athletics director.

NACDA has put together an all-star panel of presenters and topics for the inaugural institute, which will take place in June at the annual NACDA convention in Orlando.

Ron Goch,
The Telios Group
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Reuniting With Old Friends

March 9th 2007

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of reuniting with old friends in Illinois where we grew up and we had a blast.

We gathered to discuss and plan our high school class reunion for this fall, and we did manage to squeeze in some of the planning in our discussion, but the evening was dominated with catching up, telling stories, and laughing an awful lot.

Everyone seemed to have a good time and it was really neat to see and be with friends after so many years. In many ways, it seemed as if we never went our separate ways. We’re all connected in some way and it was great to see everyone just let down their guard, be themselves, and share some memorable moments from our high school days as well as discuss family and what we’re up to these days. (more…)

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Balancing Work and Family

March 8th 2007

I read an interesting article online yesterday – More Dads Resist Business Travel – in the USA Today, and it likely caught my eye because traditionally the stories written are about mothers who struggle with balancing their career demands and family.

It was refreshing to see an article dedicated to fathers and the challenges each – including myself – face with balancing business travel and family. (more…)

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Ten Minutes Well Invested

March 7th 2007

I recently read “The Most Important Words in the English Language” and felt motivated to share this neat thought for the day with you.  Here it is:

5 most important words: I am proud of you!
4 most important words: What is your opinion?
3 most important words: If you please.
2 most important words: Thank you.
1 most important word: You.

Ron Goch,
The Telios Group
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My Poor Judgment to Judge Others

March 6th 2007

I was sharing with a friend recently how I received an upgrade to first class, and for the most part, people in first class are nice, but there are those few who are…well, not so nice.

Half kidding with a smile on his face, my friend said, “Not good to judge Ron.” I said, “Hey, it is what it is.”

Thinking I was just calling it as it was versus how I viewed the situation, I realized how I think isn’t necessarily how everyone thinks or views things. (more…)

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Lesson in Forgiveness

March 5th 2007

I picked up the newspaper this past weekend at an airport and the top headline read: “Pain, Loss and Hope.” The sub-head read: “’I refuse to harbor anger,’ says shooting victim who lost her teenage daughter.”

I thought to myself, “Wow, I’m not sure how I could forgive someone if they shot and killed my daughter.”

The forgiving words above are from a mother, who along with her daughter, were shot at close range while shopping on Feb 12 for Valentine’s Day cards at a Utah mall. (more…)

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The Guy in the Glass

March 2nd 2007

Years ago I read the poem “The Man in the Mirror.” I read this week that the correct title of this poem is actually “The Guy in the Glass,” and it was written in 1934 by Dale Winbrow.  If you’ve never read the poem, here it is:

When you get all you want and you struggle for pelf,
and the world makes you king for a day,
then go to the mirror and look at yourself
and see what that man has to say. (more…)

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Wooden’s Expectations of Team Members

March 1st 2007

John Wooden, who won 10 NCAA Basketball Championships at UCLA and who was named Coach of the Century by ESPN, shares in his book “The Essential of Wooden,” (by John Wooden and Steve Jamison) that he had nine expectations of team members – which I believe could apply to life, work and sport – and they were:  (more…)

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