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My Poor Judgment to Judge Others

March 6th 2007

I was sharing with a friend recently how I received an upgrade to first class, and for the most part, people in first class are nice, but there are those few who are…well, not so nice.

Half kidding with a smile on his face, my friend said, “Not good to judge Ron.” I said, “Hey, it is what it is.”

Thinking I was just calling it as it was versus how I viewed the situation, I realized how I think isn’t necessarily how everyone thinks or views things.

My friend responded, “And what would He say about you judging others?”

I must admit, I was caught off guard by this question, as if the Big Guy was standing next to me and personally questioning my actions.

But the truth is, the question was a great one to ask and one I needed to hear.

As a sports business consultant, I evaluate situations daily, determine what sports teams and executives are doing well and not so well, and share best business practices for improving.

However, in every day life, I’m not paid to judge others, and it’s wrong of me to do.

It’s human nature to feel uncomfortable or become upset when someone calls you out on something you’ve done wrong, and I certainly felt uncomfortable being called out because I had judged others.

But, as I reflected on the moment and my actions, it was the best thing my friend could have said to me at that moment. He was simply responding to the situation in an open and honest way and I’m sure glad he did.

Hopefully, the next time I’m presented with the same opportunity, I won’t be so quick to judge, and instead will use better judgment.

Ron Goch,
The Telios Group
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