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Downsize to Downsize Problems

September 29th 2008

We often hear people saying things like “I wish I had…” and you fill in the blank, but many times people are wishing for bigger and better things.  I believe that much of the time, bigger usually means bigger problems.

If bigger does bring bigger problems, why not focus on downsizing to downsize our problems?  Just think, if more people did downsize, they’d likely experience bigger smiles, better days, and more happiness.

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Follow a Leader

September 22nd 2008

I enjoy participating in mentoring programs.  It’s a terrific way to pass on what others have given to me and assist youth, as well as up and coming executives in the sports business and in life.

A retailer has developed the “Follow a Leader” initiative that’s a creative essay program where youth have the opportunity to win a day with a leader, a $1,000 savings bond, lunch with a leader, and $5,000 for their school. (more…)

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Finding Happiness by Serving Others

September 15th 2008

There are many different definitions of happiness, and each in their own way may define success, but a quote I came across today summed it up best for me.

Albert Schweitzer once said: “I don’t know what your destiny will be, but one thing I do know; the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who have sought and found how to serve.”

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Chicago Enjoying it’s Winning Ways

September 8th 2008

No, Chicago sports fans, you’re not dreaming.  The Cubs, White Sox and even da Bears are each in first place in their respective divisions.

I’m not sure when the last time that happened, but I do know there will be a lot of chatter coming from Chicago fans this week, especially from those residing in Illinois towns near bordering states…as well as one Cubs and Bears fan in Utah! (more…)

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Seizing the Moment of Opportunity

September 1st 2008

I often cheer for the underdog and I enjoy seeing athletes celebrate an upset win.

It’s difficult to see anyone lose, but there’s something special about seeing an athlete or individual succeed when very few people believe they have a chance.

It’s truly a special moment when athletes come together as a team to score an upset win that no one believed could ever happen.  Appalachian State defeating Michigan in football last fall was one of those moments. (more…)

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