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You Select Your Hotel Room

June 30th 2008

I’ve often thought it would be pretty neat to pick the hotel room our family wanted to stay in when we go on vacations.

We get to the hotel room, check in on a kiosk, and similar to what airlines now offer with a seating map, we could pull up an available room map for the hotel.

I know, what a dreamer, right? (more…)

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A Couple Shirt Recommendations

June 23rd 2008

It finally happened. Our youngest daughter, prior to a daddy-daughter day, asked me to change the shirt I planned to wear to one she suggested would look better.

In a bit of disbelief, I asked myself, “Did my daughter – my little girl – just ask me to reconsider the shirt I picked for one she thinks will look better?”

I then thought to myself, “Oh no, my little girl isn’t so little any more.” (more…)

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Create a Mindset to Always Play Forward

June 16th 2008

A professional golfer – who had just won a tournament for the first time in many years – was asked how he was able to mentally overcome years of not winning a tournament to win a championship, and the golfer said, “I simply build on the good shots and I forget about the rest.”

It sounds so easy. It’s one of those things that make people say, “That’s easier said than done,” which for most is probably true since this type of attitude serves winners and champions very well. (more…)

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Is a Problem Really a Problem?

June 9th 2008

Someone once said, “When trying to solve a problem, focus on its positive aspects.”

I really like that and wish I could condition myself to consistently be positive when faced with challenges, but the reality for me is I don’t always face life’s challenges in a positive way.

I’m generally optimistic.  I’ve been told I’m (more…)

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Unique Activities for Father’s Day

June 2nd 2008

There’s been a lot of advertising for Father’s Day, and although I don’t usually plan ahead for Father’s Day, I’m thinking it might be fun to do some different activities with the kids.  Maybe even a few activities we’ve never done before.

I searched the Internet to see what I could find for unique or different activities, and here are five activities I’m considering proposing to my wife and kids to see what their interest level is for doing them. (more…)

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