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Is a Problem Really a Problem?

June 9th 2008

Someone once said, “When trying to solve a problem, focus on its positive aspects.”

I really like that and wish I could condition myself to consistently be positive when faced with challenges, but the reality for me is I don’t always face life’s challenges in a positive way.

I’m generally optimistic.  I’ve been told I’m sometimes too optimistic. I’m not sure how one can be too optimistic.  I guess that’s where phrases like “cautiously optimistic” and “be realistic” come into play.

I believe a positive attitude produces positive results, so it only makes sense that if I consistently view challenges – or as some might say, “problems” – as an “opportunity” to find solutions, I’d be more receptive to life’s everyday challenges.

As Norman Vincent Peale once said, “With the right attitude and with the right approach, you’ll find that a solution is built into every problem.”

Of course problems are a part of life and one of their positive aspects is the fact they’re essential to our personal development.  Did I just say problems are “essential” to our development?

We all face obstacles, hardships and common every day problems that on occasion motivate us to ask “why me?”

It sure does make sense that if I choose to have a positive attitude, learn to more consistently accept life’s challenges as “essential” to my development, and I rise above each challenge as they’re presented, I’d create a greater sense of peace and calmness versus worry or becoming frustrated over each challenge that comes my way.

Simply viewing “problems” as “challenges” could also be positive, since I’ve always enjoyed a great challenge.
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