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A Couple Shirt Recommendations

June 23rd 2008

It finally happened. Our youngest daughter, prior to a daddy-daughter day, asked me to change the shirt I planned to wear to one she suggested would look better.

In a bit of disbelief, I asked myself, “Did my daughter – my little girl – just ask me to reconsider the shirt I picked for one she thinks will look better?”

I then thought to myself, “Oh no, my little girl isn’t so little any more.”

She even placed her “suggested” shirt selection in front of the one I picked out, which was hanging on a doorknob.

So what do I do? If I change to the shirt my daughter suggested, that will change the pants, socks and shoes I was originally going to wear.

Well, I made the change and my wife – standing nearby with a smile – seemed to be both amused and impressed by our daughter’s persuasion. She was so impressed that the next day while I was getting ready for church, my wife made a “suggestion” of her own.

You guessed it, my wife “suggested” I consider wearing a different shirt than the one I picked.

I asked myself, “Is this a test?” First our daughter makes a shirt “suggestion” and the very next day my wife is suggesting I wear a different shirt? Is this simply a coincidence or a new game called, “Let’s see how many times we can get Ron to change his shirt?”

Recognizing the situation I was in with my wife, who witnessed me change my shirt the day before for our daughter – I chose the shirt she “suggested.”

I was two for two with two happy ladies, and apparently two well chosen shirts.

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