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Invest Time with those You Love

December 31st 2007

As 2007 comes to a close and we begin a new year, I’m reminded of a story I received about a daughter and her father that I thought would be appropriate to share with our blog readers.  I hope for those who are parents, you enjoy this message as much as I did when I first read it.

A man came home from work late, tired and irritated to find his eight-year old daughter waiting for him at the door. (more…)

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Never Ever Drink from a Hotel Glass

December 24th 2007

I received an eye-opening video from a friend titled appropriately “Never Ever Drink from Hotel Glasses.”

I watched the video and it confirmed what I often wondered, “Do those hotel glasses really get cleaned, or simply rinsed and placed back on the sink?”

If you haven’t viewed this video, I recommend you take time to check it out. It’s safe to say that after you view the video, you likely will never drink from a hotel glass again.
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The Telios Group
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Life Lessons from Andy Rooney

December 17th 2007

The following are some great life lessons written by Andy Rooney, a man who has a very special gift for writing:
I’ve learned…. That the best classroom in the world is at the feet of an elderly person.
I’ve learned…. That when you’re in love, it shows. (more…)

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I Finally Went With the Flow

December 10th 2007

My wife frequently gives me a hard time about being “the planner” of our family, and wishes I was more of a “go with the flow” kind of guy.
Several years ago, my wife took over the reigns of our family vacation “planning,” and asked me to just “go with the flow.”
I agreed and since that vacation don’t get involved much unless she asks for my input, and even then I usually respond, “Whatever you and the kids would like to do.” (more…)

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Until We Meet Again

December 3rd 2007

I received a video tribute via email from a friend titled, “Until We Meet Again” and I encourage you to take time to click on the “Until We Meet Again” link, watch the video, and reflect.

We have so much to be thankful for and this video is a vivid reminder of how blessed we all are to enjoy our freedom, and freely work and play every day. (more…)

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