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The Golden Gate Bridge Sponsorship

August 27th 2007

I read a story in The New York Times about a committee that met to discuss the possibility of seeking sponsorship for the financially strapped Golden Gate Bridge, and I think it is a creative and great strategy to preserve the bridge.

A sponsorship consultant hired for the project said the sponsorship would be tastefully done, and the sponsorship would be “understated.” (more…)

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Hand-Held TVs for AmEx Holders

August 20th 2007

I predicted some years ago to an associate how I thought sporting events would likely change from simply sitting, watching and cheering to a more interactive experience.

The way technology has changed video games, I predicted at the time that fans in attendance at a sporting event would be able to view the game with a hand-held, feel the reverberations from the action on the court or field, see replays from their hand-held, and feel what it would be like to catch a pass from a quarterback. (more…)

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Striking a Balance between Work and Life

August 13th 2007

Many of us strive for a balance between work and our personal time, but I’m curious how many people consistently strike a balance between work and life.

I know I find it difficult at times and continually look for ways to be more efficient, work smarter, and learn from others how to best balance the two. (more…)

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Work, Dance and Love

August 6th 2007

I came across a great quote – surprisingly one I have never heard of before, but likely one you may have read before – that is one I wish everyone would strive to live by each day:

“WORK like you don’t need the money,
DANCE like no one is watching,
LOVE like you have never been hurt.” – Author Unknown
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