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May 18, 2024

Many of us strive for a balance between work and our personal time, but I’m curious how many people consistently strike a balance between work and life.

I know I find it difficult at times and continually look for ways to be more efficient, work smarter, and learn from others how to best balance the two.

I recently read an article featured on titled, Work-Life Balance: Ways to Restore Harmony and Reduce Stress, that shared how work can invade our personal time and strategies to consider for striking the best work-life balance.

The article has some great tips on managing projects more efficiently, the importance of communicating clearly, setting aside at least one night each week for recreation, protecting your day off, and getting enough sleep.

I know I gained some great tips on how to improve in each of these areas and others, and if you’re struggling from time-to-time with striking a balance between your work load and personal time, I encourage you to check out this article here.
Ron Goch,
The Telios Group
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