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Will You Be Successful Today?

November 10th 2008

I was asked my definition of success and answered this question in The Telios Group’s Sept 1 “Question of the Week” blog post, and that question has led me to ask executives a simple question that isn’t always easy to answer.

The question is: How will you know you’re successful today?

A simple question, and it could be easy to answer, but only for those few people who not only set goals for the day; they also put their goals in writing, plan their day to achieve their goals, and successfully execute each of the “A” priority tasks necessary to achieve their goals and enjoy a successful day. (more…)

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Setting and Achieving Your Life List of Goals

June 28th 2007

Some people laugh about those who dream. Well, no one’s laughing at John Goddard. You haven’t heard of John Goddard?

Goddard is a world-famous adventurer and motivational speaker who has achieved amazing feats. You can read about Goddard here and be both wowed and inspired by his “Life List” of accomplishments to date here. (more…)

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Taking the First Step

August 31st 2006

I’ve been thinking about the different ways people accomplish their goals, and how for some, just getting started is difficult.

A couple days ago I wondered aloud, “Why is it hard for some to get started and for others it’s quite easy?”

Many factors go into all the reasons why some people find it easy to get started and why some find it hard to take that all important first step.

Some people have an abundance of confidence and some lack confidence.

Some people don’t think too much and simply respond to what they see or perceive as an opportunity, while others look down the road and see danger, road blocks and challenges and don’t take the first step.

We can’t always be certain how things will turn out, but we can all have faith and go for it. As they say, you can’t steal second if your foot is still on first!

The next time opportunity knocks, don’t even hesitate to steal second…and don’t forget to slide!


Ron Goch, The Telios Group 

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Set Goals, Review and Execute

August 30th 2006

For some, getting started on a major league project is the hardest part. But for others, starting a diet or anything else is easy, and the difficult part is finishing what they started.

How many people do you know – including yourself – who have a hard time getting started? Now, think about those people who have an easy time getting started but they struggle with remaining committed to their goals.

Why is it that many people fail to stay the course? What’s the difference between those who start and finish and those who either have a hard time getting started, or don’t start at all?

For one, people who are successful usually set goals – on paper! They review them consistently – some do this daily and others less frequently – but none the less, consistently.

The bottom line, people who set goals, review them regularly, and remain committed to achieve their goals are focused, determined and relentless in their execution.


Ron Goch, The Telios Group 

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How Clear Is Your Sight?

June 1st 2006

Denis Waitley once said: “Virtually nothing on earth can stop a person with a positive attitude who has his goals clearly in sight.”

Are you clear about your goals, read them daily and consistently have a positive attitude?  If so, good for you!  If not, why not?

Ron Goch, The Telios Group
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Do You Have Clarity?

May 11th 2006

Each day when I awake, my vision’s a bit blurry, but my clarity is crystal clear.

How is your daily clarity?

For those of you who don’t know, I wear contacts, so that explains my blurry vision when I awake, since I don’t wear contacts when I sleep.

When it comes to clarity, though, and being crystal clear, that’s a result of having a game plan, and being clear on the day’s objectives to achieve the goals.

I didn’t always have clarity. In fact, years ago I had very little clarity and my days were a constant blur…like when I wake up each morning!

So how’s your clarity? Do you have a game plan that includes all you want to achieve this year, and in the years to come? Do you have a daily task list – a realistic daily task list – that you’re focused on each hour? Are you clear on your goals and what it will take to achieve each one?

If you do, good for you! If not, why not?


Ron Goch, The Telios Group 

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The First Quarter is in the Books

May 2nd 2006

As we start the second quarter, have you taken time this week to review your first quarter results and where you stand with your 2006 goals?

Have you scheduled time this week, as well as each week following the second, third and fourth quarters of 2006, to review your quarterly results, to measure where you are in relation to your goals, make adjustments and celebrate your successes?

It’s not too late to schedule the time. It’ll be time well invested.


Ron Goch, The Telios Group 

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Do You Have a Life Goals List?

April 25th 2006

I once read a story that Ted Leonsis, who is a professional sports team owner and vice chairman of AOL, created a 101 Life Goals List in the 80s following an emergency plane landing when Ted realized life can end at any time.  One week after his plane experience, he wrote his list.

I read about Ted’s story several years ago and decided it would be a neat exercise for myself and created my own Life Goal List.  On that list includes running in a marathon, and for those of you who know me or follow this blog, know I’ve been training this year to run in my first marathon in six weeks.

Last year I read an article that Oprah had completed a marathon some years back and for some reason I felt motivated to start training to accomplish one of my life goals of running in a marathon.

Both of these experiences have been tremendous.  I’ve enjoyed having life goals and working towards achieving each one and have very much enjoyed the challenge of training to run in a marathon in six weeks.

If you don’t have a life goals list, I encourage you to check out Ted’s list, which is posted on his blog. I think you’ll enjoy the exercise and experience of achieving your life goals.

If you’ve never run in a marathon, I also encourage you to do some research and check out some training plans.  Depending on your present physical condition, the training could be as little as 16 weeks, and that takes into consideration first-time marathoners.

I hope you have an awesome day!

Ron Goch, The Telios Group
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