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Taking the First Step

August 31st 2006

I’ve been thinking about the different ways people accomplish their goals, and how for some, just getting started is difficult.

A couple days ago I wondered aloud, “Why is it hard for some to get started and for others it’s quite easy?”

Many factors go into all the reasons why some people find it easy to get started and why some find it hard to take that all important first step.

Some people have an abundance of confidence and some lack confidence.

Some people don’t think too much and simply respond to what they see or perceive as an opportunity, while others look down the road and see danger, road blocks and challenges and don’t take the first step.

We can’t always be certain how things will turn out, but we can all have faith and go for it. As they say, you can’t steal second if your foot is still on first!

The next time opportunity knocks, don’t even hesitate to steal second…and don’t forget to slide!


Ron Goch, The Telios Group 

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