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Will You Be Successful Today?

November 10th 2008

I was asked my definition of success and answered this question in The Telios Group’s Sept 1 “Question of the Week” blog post, and that question has led me to ask executives a simple question that isn’t always easy to answer.

The question is: How will you know you’re successful today?

A simple question, and it could be easy to answer, but only for those few people who not only set goals for the day; they also put their goals in writing, plan their day to achieve their goals, and successfully execute each of the “A” priority tasks necessary to achieve their goals and enjoy a successful day.

So simple, yet so few people actually plan and execute their day in that way.

Success for me is doing what I’m passionate about and enjoy; significantly impacting others in a positive way; and doing all I can to be the best I can be at all I attempt to accomplish.

How do you define success?

Do you set goals for each day?  Do you write them down?  Do your goals focus on what’s most important to you?  It’s well worth asking today, “How will I know if I’m successful today?”

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One Response to “Will You Be Successful Today?”

  1. Sean Trcalek says:

    Ron – great food for thought…getting away from the disciplined environment of television to the world of web development where we are own accountability led me to get away from goal setting…Last year I began to develop goals on a daily basis and it’s made a world of difference, and a true feeling of success.

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