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Do You Have a Life Goals List?

April 25th 2006

I once read a story that Ted Leonsis, who is a professional sports team owner and vice chairman of AOL, created a 101 Life Goals List in the 80s following an emergency plane landing when Ted realized life can end at any time.  One week after his plane experience, he wrote his list.

I read about Ted’s story several years ago and decided it would be a neat exercise for myself and created my own Life Goal List.  On that list includes running in a marathon, and for those of you who know me or follow this blog, know I’ve been training this year to run in my first marathon in six weeks.

Last year I read an article that Oprah had completed a marathon some years back and for some reason I felt motivated to start training to accomplish one of my life goals of running in a marathon.

Both of these experiences have been tremendous.  I’ve enjoyed having life goals and working towards achieving each one and have very much enjoyed the challenge of training to run in a marathon in six weeks.

If you don’t have a life goals list, I encourage you to check out Ted’s list, which is posted on his blog. I think you’ll enjoy the exercise and experience of achieving your life goals.

If you’ve never run in a marathon, I also encourage you to do some research and check out some training plans.  Depending on your present physical condition, the training could be as little as 16 weeks, and that takes into consideration first-time marathoners.

I hope you have an awesome day!

Ron Goch, The Telios Group
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