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Looking Forward to New Technology

December 8th 2008

As I reflect on the past year, it’s hard to believe how many new experiences I’ve enjoyed in the way of technology.

I wouldn’t consider myself a gadget guy, but I do enjoy computers and so many technology tools – some might call “toys” – that have made our life easier as well as more efficient in many ways.

I made the move to the Mac this past year, and I also embraced the (more…)

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Gitomer Produces First-Ever V-Book

October 6th 2008

Jeffrey Gitomer recently released the first-ever V-Book – Jeffrey Gitomer’s Little Red Book of Selling – which can be viewed or listened to on as an MP3 audio, an iPod digital video, or a DVD video.

Technology today; you have to love it!

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Keeping Up With the Online Explosion

May 22nd 2007

All the online marketing from email to websites, podcasts to webinars, and blogs to online social networking is fascinating and advancing so quickly on a daily basis around the world.

Even though I’m fascinated by technology, I’ve always felt like I’m a step behind.  I was the last one in my family to listen to a CD, let alone buy a CD player, and I’ve yet to listen to an Mp3 player or iPod, and by the time I make the decision to invest in an iPod, the technology will advance to the next neat gadget. (more…)

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Laptops to PDAs

December 12th 2006

A year ago when I traveled on business, many people in the airports and on planes had laptops and every other person had a PDA or Blackberry in hand.

Now, I see less laptop computers and many more PDAs. In fact, it’s rare to see someone without a PDA or Blackberry.

Not only fellow business people, but youth are carrying a PDA, Blackberry or cell phone and many youth can be found text-messaging on their cell phones.

Our two oldest kids are constantly text-messaging friends and I can’t help but wonder if we’re more connected or disconnected?

We seem to be more connected in the way of more frequent emails and text-messages, but more disconnected in the way of less personal contact by phone and/or in person.

Personally, I know I rely heavily on email much more today than years past, and that’s primarily due to the Blackberry.

It doesn’t stop there though. We have the ability to be wireless at the office and at home, which means people can carry their laptops anywhere in the house they choose.

There’s also webcams and web casts, which can minimize business trips – a great savings of time and money – but then again, it brings us back to less in person contact.

So, are we more connected or less connected?

Ron Goch,
The Telios Group
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Prices Fall on HDTV, Plasma and DLP TVs

October 16th 2006

Good news sports fans HDTV, plasma and DLP television prices have fallen, and as much as 50 percent since last year.

You still have a few months of college and professional football, and basketball is just around the corner for those of you who have been itching to upgrade your television.

Ron Goch, The Telios Group
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There Are Far More Choices Today

August 28th 2006

As our kids continue to grow, I think back to my childhood days and know I had it much easier. For one, I had far fewer decisions to make. I guess for some that could be good and for others not so good.

I didn’t have the kind of technology options available to youth today, as well as so many other entertainment options that kids have to choose from today All the choices and decisions youth need to make today is amazing when you think about it. I love options, so I likely would have enjoyed growing up as a child in today’s technology-driven world.

There’s no doubt I’m enjoying the technology today, but there’s so much more to explore and experience. Maybe the best way to approach it would be to take my kids lead and just jump in and experiment with all the different technology offered today.

I guess that means making an investment in an iPod – which I’ve yet to do – and experience first-hand what everyone is raving about.

The purchase is the easy part; learning how to use it may be the challenging part!


Ron Goch, The Telios Group 

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Life in a Connected World

July 6th 2006

Over 700 million Internet users are changing business and society, but did you know over 2.1 billion people have cell phones?

I recently read a fascinated article –  
Life in a Connected World. I encourage you to take time to read the story as well as other stories here from the Fortune Brainstorm 2006 conference to learn how the Internet and other technology may impact your business today and in the future.

Ron Goch, The Telios Group
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Baseball Players Use iPod to Improve Play

June 20th 2006

I read an article this past weekend about MLB baseball players using video iPods to improve their play.

The video staff downloads every hitter a pitcher will face and the pitcher is able to view the video on his video iPod in the dugout or any where he chooses to watch the video. You can check out the article here.

If the video iPod can help MLB pitchers with their play, there’s likely ways the video iPod could assist the staff working behind the scenes in business operations.


Ron Goch, The Telios Group 

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