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Looking Forward to New Technology

December 8th 2008

As I reflect on the past year, it’s hard to believe how many new experiences I’ve enjoyed in the way of technology.

I wouldn’t consider myself a gadget guy, but I do enjoy computers and so many technology tools – some might call “toys” – that have made our life easier as well as more efficient in many ways.

I made the move to the Mac this past year, and I also embraced the social mediums; two moves no one would have predicted for me, but I’ve very much have enjoyed the Mac and I’ve also enjoyed and have learned a great deal from my involvement in social media and social networking.

A great example of someone who leveraged technology to his advantage this past year is President-Elect Barack Obama, and in this video, you can learn about Obama’s highly successful online social network strategy.

I believe we will have so many more technology and social networking opportunities introduced to us in the year ahead, and one of the questions we all will be asking is which do we embrace that we can enjoy, learn from and hopefully be more efficient in all we do?

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