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Keeping Up With the Online Explosion

May 22nd 2007

All the online marketing from email to websites, podcasts to webinars, and blogs to online social networking is fascinating and advancing so quickly on a daily basis around the world.

Even though I’m fascinated by technology, I’ve always felt like I’m a step behind.  I was the last one in my family to listen to a CD, let alone buy a CD player, and I’ve yet to listen to an Mp3 player or iPod, and by the time I make the decision to invest in an iPod, the technology will advance to the next neat gadget.

The online explosion has significantly impacted how we all communicate, seek and obtain information; how we purchase services and products, and many other common every day things we once did very differently.

The fact we can receive emails and text messages to a hand-held as quickly as we can receive a cell phone call is amazing, and technology many of us are likely taking for granted.  In fact, as a society we’re probably sending two or three times the amount of text messages and emails than telephone calls, and even less snail mail…which used to be one of our primary means of communication.

If that’s the case, are we more connected or less connected?

How sports teams and franchises respond to the online opportunities and integrate online tools and resources could make the difference in how successful a sports team is in the years ahead.

The technology is fascinating and fun, and certainly can help us all advance the sports business at a faster speed than ever before, while engaging and entertaining our fans in and outside our sporting events.

As technology rapidly evolves and advances, it probably would be a good exercise for us all to reflect on those things that have made our sports teams the success they are today.

Without our fan support, we would not be able to enjoy the successes we all enjoy today, and although email is a quick and easy communication tool, sometimes picking up the phone or sending an old fashion hand-written “thank you” note is time well invested versus the time we may save by sending an email.

When was the last time you sent a hand-written “thank you” note to your most loyal fans and corporate partners?
Ron Goch,
The Telios Group
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