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There Are Far More Choices Today

August 28th 2006

As our kids continue to grow, I think back to my childhood days and know I had it much easier. For one, I had far fewer decisions to make. I guess for some that could be good and for others not so good.

I didn’t have the kind of technology options available to youth today, as well as so many other entertainment options that kids have to choose from today All the choices and decisions youth need to make today is amazing when you think about it. I love options, so I likely would have enjoyed growing up as a child in today’s technology-driven world.

There’s no doubt I’m enjoying the technology today, but there’s so much more to explore and experience. Maybe the best way to approach it would be to take my kids lead and just jump in and experiment with all the different technology offered today.

I guess that means making an investment in an iPod – which I’ve yet to do – and experience first-hand what everyone is raving about.

The purchase is the easy part; learning how to use it may be the challenging part!


Ron Goch, The Telios Group 

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