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A Lesson Exists With All We Meet

March 30th 2009

I listened to Dr. Wayne Dyer speak this past weekend and he said, “I have a very strong belief that everyone who comes into our life from the stranger sitting next to us on the bus to the person driving next to us on the freeway, our children, husbands and wives, and parents; they all come to us as teachers. The key to being effective and awakened in our lives is to be students rather than teachers.”

Dr. Dyer caught my attention with this opening statement because as a consultant, I’m always looking to help people.  I’m in constant “improvement” mode, always looking for things to improve.  I really enjoy teaching, mentoring, and sharing. However, Dr. Dyer says we should see everyone as someone who has (more…)

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A Positive Attitude Makes a Difference

March 23rd 2009

I was reminded this morning of how important and powerful choosing a positive attitude can be no matter what circumstances are presented.

We’ve enjoyed some spring-like weather in Utah the last several days, and today’s forecast called for high winds and rain. Instead, we received snow flurries and several inches of snow.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the snow. There’s something special about fresh falling snow and (more…)

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Encouraging Others Who Have Doubts

March 16th 2009

I shared a quote this past weekend that someone said helped them change their attitude from self-doubt to self-assured.  It’s always a great feeling when we can positively impact another person in that way.

In addition, I shared this inspiring video, which I encourage you to invest a few minutes to watch. If at any time you’re having self-doubts, struggling to have a positive attitude, or you’re simply looking for something inspiring, this video quickly puts life into perspective and can encourage you in a very positive way.

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Pay It Forward

March 9th 2009

Have you watched the movie “Pay It Forward?” It’s a great movie about a teacher who challenges his students with a unique class assignment.

On the chalkboard, the teacher has written the assignment: “Think of an idea to change the world – and put it into action.”

One student takes the assignment to heart and creates the “Pay It Forward” concept where he commits himself to help three people. The idea of helping three people is terrific, but the fact that each person he helps commits to (more…)

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10 Percent of Our Brain

March 2nd 2009

I’ve heard for years and have read in national publications how we only use about 10 percent of our brain. The other day I shared this ‘fact’ at the dinner table, and I’m not sure why, but today I decided to check the accuracy of my statement.

I did a search on and to my surprise learned that the statement is actually a myth.  I was quite surprised when I read the article. For those of you who have heard – or wondered – for years how we could only use a small percentage of our brain, you might be interested to read “The 10-Percent Myth” posted at

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