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April 18, 2024

Have you watched the movie “Pay It Forward?” It’s a great movie about a teacher who challenges his students with a unique class assignment.

On the chalkboard, the teacher has written the assignment: “Think of an idea to change the world – and put it into action.”

One student takes the assignment to heart and creates the “Pay It Forward” concept where he commits himself to help three people. The idea of helping three people is terrific, but the fact that each person he helps commits to pay it forward to three other people, and each person they help commits to pay it forward to three other people, and so on, makes this a phenomenal idea and movement to create positive change that could actually ‘change the world.’

The movie addresses how sometimes life throws us a curve, like today’s down economy, or how it’s easier for some people to simply give up rather than take on today’s challenges or to open our hearts and “pay it forward.”

I love the “Pay It Forward” concept and I try to live by this simple yet powerful concept every day. I don’t always find the opportunity each day, but when I do, it truly is amazing to be a part of it.

I encourage you at this very moment to stop whatever it is you’re doing and ponder this question, “What if everyone did ‘pay it forward?’” Wouldn’t that be one of the most incredible movements? Can you imagine how different the world would be today?

What if you started your own “Pay It Forward” movement?

How cool would it be to be a part of 1) Paying it forward; 2) Experiencing and being a part of life-changing moments; and 3) Seeing those you helped pay it forward to others, and hearing their stories about how they enjoyed helping others.

It sure beats hearing all the negative stories about how the economy is down, and my guess is, if everyone invested a little time each day to help others, we’d be a part of a ripple effect that would not only positively impact others, but also positively impact our own lives.

Here’s a link to a video that includes movie clips and explains the “Pay It Forward” concept. Enjoy the video and then figure out how you can have some fun and “Pay It Forward.”

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