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Set Goals, Review and Execute

August 30th 2006

For some, getting started on a major league project is the hardest part. But for others, starting a diet or anything else is easy, and the difficult part is finishing what they started.

How many people do you know – including yourself – who have a hard time getting started? Now, think about those people who have an easy time getting started but they struggle with remaining committed to their goals.

Why is it that many people fail to stay the course? What’s the difference between those who start and finish and those who either have a hard time getting started, or don’t start at all?

For one, people who are successful usually set goals – on paper! They review them consistently – some do this daily and others less frequently – but none the less, consistently.

The bottom line, people who set goals, review them regularly, and remain committed to achieve their goals are focused, determined and relentless in their execution.


Ron Goch, The Telios Group 

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