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May 18, 2024

I predicted some years ago to an associate how I thought sporting events would likely change from simply sitting, watching and cheering to a more interactive experience.

The way technology has changed video games, I predicted at the time that fans in attendance at a sporting event would be able to view the game with a hand-held, feel the reverberations from the action on the court or field, see replays from their hand-held, and feel what it would be like to catch a pass from a quarterback.

My friend simply smiled, complimented me for having “quite the imagination, ” and said, “Technology has come a long way, but reverberations in your seat and simulating a catch from a quarterback.  Not in our lifetime.”

Well, we took one step closer to that wild prediction I made several years ago when the USTA announced American Express cardholders will be offered free hand-held TVs at the 2007 U.S. Open.

I don’t know when, but I still believe those reverberation seats and the ability to simulate catching a pass, making a basket, and/or returning a Federer or Sharapova serve is only a matter of time.
Ron Goch,
The Telios Group
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