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Seizing the Moment of Opportunity

September 1st 2008

I often cheer for the underdog and I enjoy seeing athletes celebrate an upset win.

It’s difficult to see anyone lose, but there’s something special about seeing an athlete or individual succeed when very few people believe they have a chance.

It’s truly a special moment when athletes come together as a team to score an upset win that no one believed could ever happen.  Appalachian State defeating Michigan in football last fall was one of those moments.

There comes moments in the game when the underdog is winning, and the team that’s supposed to win usually makes a run or a come back, and the momentum begins to swing towards the team that’s supposed to win.  It’s usually the late stretch of the game.  This is where it becomes both exciting and intense for the viewers, and a real “gut check” for the underdog team.  Will they respond or collapse down the stretch?

How will the team that’s supposed to win respond to their new-found momentum?

Just as the viewer may start to think, “Well, they really weren’t supposed to win,” the athletes are experiencing thoughts – both positive and negative – of their own.  Each athlete has prepared for this moment (both physically as well as mentally) during many hours of practice.

Seneca once said, “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.”  There is no question if we consistently prepare ourselves to win each day, we’ll win more often than we’ll lose.

Sometimes we’re lucky, as Seneca suggests, and our preparation not only leads to an opportunity, but a special “once in a lifetime” opportunity.

Appalachian State’s “once in a lifetime” opportunity was last fall, and the University of Utah football team’s “once in a lifetime” opportunity came this past weekend when they too late in the fourth quarter in Ann Arbor before 100,000-plus screaming fans, and they seized the moment.

After the game, one of the players was quoted as saying they knew this was their moment; their one and only chance to beat Michigan on their home field.

I watched Appalachian State do it last fall, and most recently I watched athletes seize their “once in a lifetime” opportunities in the Olympics.  This past weekend it was Utah’s turn and they seized their opportunity.

Wayne Dyer once said, “Miracles come in moment.  Be ready and willing.”

Just as athletes prepare endless hours to be ready and willing to seize their “once in a lifetime” opportunities, we too must prepare for our “once in a lifetime opportunities.” They will come and they will go. Are you prepared for your opportunity?


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