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The LeBron James Grandmothers Fan Club

June 12th 2007

We often hear about the thousands and thousands of youth playing basketball, who are fans of the NBA, and wearing their favorite player’s jersey.

Rarely, though, do we hear or read about senior adults – let alone senior women – forming a fan club to support their favorite NBA player, but that’s exactly what Alder Chapman did when she founded the Akron-based LeBron James Grandmothers Fan Club, which has almost tripled since April, from 24 to nearly 70.

The club “is to the Cavs what the Dawg Pound is” to the Browns, “without the masks, the crude language and the drinking,” said Chapman. “LeBron has done so much for Akron, Cleveland and us senior women. We just love him so much.”
Ron Goch,
The Telios Group
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