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June 19, 2024

It amazes me how many sports teams choose to host the majority of its events on non-game days, and don’t fully leverage each home game.  In some cases, teams actually make it a rule to avoid “game days” because the feeling is there’s already a long list of things to execute on games days.

There certainly are advantages to hosting events at corporate partner locations, as well as hosting selected events on non-game days for those teams that don’t permit coach or player interaction with fans on game days.  There’s also a great opportunity each home game to host events that simply cannot be replicated anywhere else but in a sports team’s facility.

Each home game is an opportunity to host pre- and post-game events that could range from season ticket holder appreciation and behind the scenes tours to group leader influencer events.

Whether in a suite, hospitality room or on the court or field, teams can create once-in-a-lifetime experience for fans and prospects.  Fans would love to walk the home court or run on the field, and enjoy the picture opportunities with family and friends.

These events could assist with retention of season ticket holders, group leaders and corporate partners, and generate new ticket and corporate partner referrals and sales.

Instead of hosting on a non-game day and incurring facility rental charges, teams could have the ultimate home court (field) advantage by hosting prior to a game, having easy access to players and coaches, and offer fans a unique experience they will remember for a lifetime and surely would share with others.

Whether a team hosts six games or 60 games a year, each one of the games is a fantastic opportunity to create memories for fans while increasing renewals, referrals and sales.

Here are three examples (as well as links to information and pictures) of once-in-a-lifetime events and experiences sports teams could consider for its game days:

Bobcats Season Ticket Holder Appreciation Month

Chicago Bears Football 101 Women’s Clinic

Warriors Season Ticket Holder of the Game

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