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Striving to Achieve a Healthy Balance

November 12th 2007

Some people love the fast-paced and constant challenges life presents them each day, while others enjoy the simple life that is not so fast-paced and each day isn’t filled with challenges.

I recently heard someone share how we can all enjoy a more simplistic life if that’s what we choose to do each day.

The message was clear, if we can take a deep breath, do away with what is not necessary, focus only on what is important in life – whether physical, spiritual, or social – and take time for those we love, our lives will become more simplistic.

I’m not sure how “simple” it is to live a “simple life,” but I think there are people who are happy with a fast-paced life, and others who are equally happy and content with a simple life.

So, I’m not convinced we all need a “simple life” to be happy, but I do believe we all could use a healthy balance between the faced-paste day-to-day demands life throws our way, as well as the enjoyment we all receive from the simple things in life.
Ron Goch,
The Telios Group
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