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Our Daughter Gives Her Two Cents

October 27th 2006

I recently went on a daddy-daughter date with our six-year-old and we enjoyed a couple chocolate shakes, as well as a trip to the bookstore, which we both enjoy doing from time-to-time.

As we started to leave the ice cream shop, I placed a couple dollars on the table for a tip, and started to head for the door when my daughter said, “Wait Dad, I want to leave my money too.”

I said, “That’s okay, KJ, I already left a tip.” She said, “That’s okay, Dad, I want to leave my money too,” as she reached into her wallet, took out two pennies, and placed them on the dollars.”

Of course I smiled and so did Kennedy, as we exchanged a high-five.

It’s moments like this that I’m thankful to be a father and able to enjoy a priceless moment with our daughter.

Ron Goch, The Telios Group
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