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Maybe Next Year

October 12th 2006

As baseball’s regular season wrapped up last week, we had the opportunity to experience a lifelong dream of mine and a recent request from our daughter – a Cubs game in Wrigley Field – and although all Cubs fans are once again saying, “Maybe next year,” it was a special day .

I knew it was awesome when we walked into Wrigley and my six-year old daughter looked around, smiled from ear-to-ear and jumped into my arms.  As we hugged, she whispered into my ear, “Dad, I can’t believe we’re here.  Thank you.”

Those are the moments that make being a father very special for me; when our kids are happy and enjoying life’s experiences.

It was raining pretty heavy, but 15 minutes before the Cubs ran onto the field, the rain stopped and the sun appeared. Our daughter looked at me, still sporting a grin, and said, “God knows we’re here and said, ‘let there be sun,’ and there’s the sun.” My wife and I just started laughing and Kennedy said, “What? It’s true. Look,” as she pointed towards the sun.

Rain or shine, we were bound to have a good time, and who knows, maybe next year will be the Cubs year to win it all. If they do, there’s a good chance we’ll find a way to be there.

Ron Goch, The Telios Group
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