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March 3, 2024

I love starting off a whole new year, and it’s actually hard to believe were at the tail end of the first month already.

I’m really looking forward to February, though, for three reasons: The first, Valentine’s Day, of course.  It’s one of my personal favorites. It always has been, but several years ago it became even more special when my wife and I were engaged on Valentine’s Day.  I know, not too original, but trust me, she was very surprised.

The second reason I look forward to February each year is the annual Daddy/Daughter Valentine’s Day Dinner. It’ll be the weekend before Valentine’s Day, so I have two fantastic weekends to look forward to enjoying with my ladies.

The third reason is the annual Tool Day at school. I know this one doesn’t sound as special as the other two events; this will certainly be a special day.

This is a day where parents come into the school and share their tools of their trade and their school/career experiences.  Our daughter and I decided it might be neat to have her interview me – just like a reporter – and ask questions she and her classmates would like me to answer.

We will sit in chairs in front of the class and KJ (who is in third grade) will take the lead with introducing us, asking questions, and then opening the floor for questions from the class.  We’ve also discussed doing a “show and tell” of some of the tools and sports things she feels her classmates will enjoy.

The first presentation (or interview) will be in front of KJ’s class, and the remaining four sessions will be other classes ranging from third to sixth grade.  It should be a lot of fun.

Three great reasons – and events – I’m looking forward to February!

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