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Look in the Rearview Mirror

November 26th 2007

Have you ever looked back, reflected and identified the four or five key players in your life who have significantly impacted you?  The four or five people who have positively inspired you, leaving an indelible imprint on your life?
They may have been teachers, mentors, coaches, friends, pastors, and others who inspired you in positive, unforgettable ways.
I’ve done this on a number of occasions – while in college, throughout my career, while spending time with my family on vacation and finding time to reflect, and then there’s my occasional day dreaming I do when I’m on a flight from one city to the next…and my reflecting usually leads to be inspired and motivated to reach out to that special someone and I let them know how they positively impacted me, and how grateful I am they took the time.
I’ve really enjoyed the opportunities to reach out to these individuals, share how thankful I am, personally thank them for their time, and I share how they not only positively influenced my life, but my children’s lives and everyone I come in contact with each day.
It’s amazing how people can influence us in ways we’ve never imagined, and how we can do the same with people we know…and even people we don’t know very well or perfect strangers.
I encourage you to take time today – if you haven’t already – to say “thank you” to that special teacher, your parents or step-parents, your pastor at church, a coach, a friend, or whoever has taken time for you and impacted you in a special and memorable way.
I look for opportunities daily to have a similar impact on people – both those I know as well as people I may meet for the first time – and find it fun searching for positive ways to impact others as people have done for me.
One of those opportunities came this week when I boarded a plane, and a couple (probably in their late 50s) was trying (unsuccessfully) to get someone to relocate to a window seat from an isle seat so they could sit together on the flight.
As I sat down in my seat next to the wife, she asked, “Sir, would you mind switching with my husband so we could sit together?”  I really like isle seats on the plane, at sporting events; but I thought about the “opportunity” and responded, “Mam, I love isle seats, but for this flight, it would be my pleasure to switch with your husband so the two of you can sit together. I would hope someone would do the same if I was traveling with my wife.  I hope you and your husband enjoy the flight,” and she smiled (which of course made my day) and said, “Thank you so much.”
It’s a fun daily mission that others have influenced me to do and one I enjoy a great deal, especially when I’m able to fulfill it!  How can you positively impact someone in a positive way, while also looking in your rearview mirror and giving thanks to those who positively impacted you? 
Ron Goch, The Telios Group
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