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Lessons from the Movie Business

June 26th 2006

Have you gone to a movie theater lately?  How about those concession prices?  Outrageous, don’t you think?

Well, I read an article last week about how the movie industry is in a three-year rut – you can check out the article here – and I couldn’t help but think about the sports industry and how concessions prices at many sporting events are fairly high.  On average, they’re not as high as the theaters, but in my opinion, they are expensive, especially for your average family.

In addition, the article referenced how technology is easily making movies accessible outside the theaters.  Sports have become equally accessible to its fans from receiving scores on your cell phones to watching live web casts of games.

The movie industry is in a reactive mode to reinvigorate the moviegoers experience.  Could the sports industry be far behind?

Unlike movies, sports fans have the opportunity to see their favorite sports team live in action, which is much different experience and challenge the movie industry is presents.  However, fans can access the live telecasts, web casts pod casts from computers and hand-held devices, and these are realities the sports industry must deal with now or face similar attendance slides as the movie business.

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