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Five Things Over the Next Five Weeks

May 2nd 2007

Many times I hear about a trip someone took, or an activity someone participated in, and I say to myself how neat it would be to experience a similar trip or activity.

So many times we say how neat it would be to do something new and exciting, but I’m curious how many of us actually act on desires to try something or experience something new.

My guess is a much smaller percent of people actually do follow through and I’m definitely one of those in the majority.

However, I’d like to leave the majority and join the minority by taking on five new activities or events that I have experienced, or that I’ve never done with my family.

So, today I’ll share five activities I’d like to experience over the next five weeks, and we’ll check back in five weeks to see how I did.

Here’s my five activities:

1. Instead of going on a Daddy-Daughter date to an amusement park, I’d like me and our daughter to volunteer our time to a non-profit organization.

2. I’d like to take a day hike through the Utah mountains with my wife and our kids.

3. Have the kids pick a Utah city that none of us have experienced, and jump in the car and drive to that city to learn more about it and experience some fun activities.

4. Hit golf balls with our youngest daughter. We played miniature golf a few weeks ago, and now she wants to play “real golf.” She’s only seven, so it will take some patience on my part, but it should be fun. Maybe my wife will joins us. She’s been saying she’ll learn to play golf. That could be entertaining!

5. Plan and go on an overnight family camping trip.

Okay, that’s my five things. Let’s see how I do in five weeks.

Ron Goch,
The Telios Group
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