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First Blackberry Friendly Cab Driver

October 23rd 2006

Whenever I’m traveling on business and I flag a cab at an airport, I’m usually pretty quick to roll my luggage to the back of the cab, flip the trunk open and place my bag in the trunk.

However, this cab driver beat me to it. He nabbed my bag, and quickly placed it in the trunk as I looked at him surprised that he beat me to the punch.

He just smiled.

I then went to get in the back seat and he was right there to close the door behind me. Not something I’m used to when I get in a city cab no matter where I travel, but I could tell this guy was different than most cab drivers.

When he sat down, he asked where I’d like to go, and then followed with the question “Business or pleasure sir?” I said, “Ah, business.” He said, “Great!” as he signed a blank cab receipt (saving me from asking for one when I paid) and handed it to me with a smile, “Here you go.”

I smiled back and said, “Thanks.”

He had the newspaper in the back seat, asked if I’d like to know the forecast for the next few days, and even asked if I’d like the air conditioning adjusted.

I couldn’t help but be impressed.

Now, the real test was about to come, though.  You see usually when I’m in a cab; it doesn’t take long for me to respond to emails on my Blackberry, and I start to feel a bit nauseous from the cab driver jumping from lane-to-lane.

A few minutes passed, though, and nothing happened. This guy was as smooth as could be; almost as if he was trying to avoid bumps or any quick movements. He was actually a Blackberry friendly cab driver – a first for me.

That clinched the deal for me. This guy was tops on my list of cab drivers – great customer service and Blackberry friendly. It just doesn’t get any better than that!

Ron Goch, The Telios Group
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