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Fear Nothing and Be Remarkable Today

July 9th 2007

I was reading a Seth Godin book this past week and also watching a few of his presentations, and his latest book – The Dip – challenges people to face when they are about to be mediocre versus remarkable, which if you’ve read Godin’s Purple Cow, you’ll know why being remarkable is important to those desiring to be successful in business.

I then came across this quote, which didn’t have an author, but I thought was a terrific compliment to Godin’s thoughts on creating something “want to talk about.”  Here’s the quote:

“In Life, rarely are you the victim of what happens to you; you’re the participant, the one who lets things happen to you. That is, until the day you decide that you’re going to take charge of your life and not accept anything but the best you’re capable of and that life has to give. Create your own circumstances by having unstoppable faith and belief in yourself. Loving everyone, fearing nothing and no one, and taking focused action on every goal and dream inside your heart until you achieve it.”
Ron Goch,
The Telios Group
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