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May 18, 2024

One of my favorite sports growing up was football, and I enjoyed both playing and watching the sport.

I primarily played on defense, but also enjoyed playing offense and especially liked participating on the specials teams.

My coaches often told me that I needed to put myself “in a position to make a play.” As I recently watched a football game, I paid particular attention to the defensive backs and linebackers as they dropped back in their pass coverage, and just as they settled into their pass coverage areas, the quarterback attempted to complete a pass to a receiver.

The pass was deflected by a lineman, and the middle linebacker was in position to intercept the deflected pass. However, if the player wasn’t “in position to make the play, ” he would have missed out on the interception and the pass likely would have simply fell to the ground.

In business, “being in position to make a play” is equally important. If we’re out of position, out of balance, or simply just not organized which places us out of position, we’re unable to take advantage of opportunities or maximize opportunities presented to us each day.

Quite simply, if we can place ourselves in a position to make a play each day, we’re going to experience greater success on a consistent basis.

Ron Goch,
The Telios Group
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