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April 18, 2024

The NBA conference finals have been fun to watch, especially with the Denver Nuggets and Orlando Magic surprising many people with how they’re competing – and winning – against the Los Angeles Lakers and Cleveland Cavaliers.

Most news stories and even advertisements have the Lakers and Cavs in the Finals with Kobe Bryant and LeBron James facing each other, but the Nuggets and Magic have turned plenty of heads and have people believing they each have a chance to defeat the Lakers and the Cavs.

I’ve often said I enjoy watching an underdog compete, especially when others have written off an underdog and crowned a winner prematurely.  That seems to be the case in each of the series and I’ll be interested to see how each of them plays out.

The same scenario played out a few weeks ago with American Idol when most had crowned Adam Lambert the winner, and many people were surprised when Kris Allen won.

NBA fans seem to be reacting with similar disbelief to how well the Nuggets and Magic are playing and the fact they’ve each defeated the Lakers and Cavs on the Lakers and Cavs home courts.

What ever the results are in each of the NBA conference finals, each of the series – as well as the American Idol result – are great reminders not to underestimate people, always believe you have a chance to win, and although some things may seem impossible, it’s amazing what can be accomplished when we possess positive thoughts and believe we can achieve.

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