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April 18, 2024

The question “What’s your favorite sports movies?” was raised this past weekend and here are my 25 favorite sports movies (alphabetical order):

Bad News Bears, Brian’s Song, Bull Durham, Caddy Shack, Chariots of Fire, Cinderella, Coach Carter, Facing the Giants, Field of Dreams, Friday Night Lights, Glory Road, Hoosier’s, Invincible, Million Dollar Baby, Miracle, Radio, Raging Bull, Remember the Titans, Rocky, Rudy, Something for Joey, 61, The Karate Kid, The Natural, and We Are Marshall.

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  1. Pat says:

    Most of the sport genre films out there have great qualities to them. I just watched “Secretariat” the other day and found it quite entertaining. Even though there are many “cliche” moments in the film and you know how it turns out, it kept my interest. I remind myself all the time that these films aren’t a solid biography but entertainment.

    “Cinderella Man” was another great film. I could have used less Renee Zellweger but that’s just me. But Russell Crowe is awesome in it.

    I thought “The Express” was done well but again, a few too many “cliche” moments in it for me. (I mean cliche as in the moment somebody does the traditional “point” at the opposing player or coach – yawn – that why I thought “Remember the Titans” was poorly done.)

    You have to throw in there “Pride of the Yankees” as a pure sports fan. The movie reflects the filmmaking process at the time, but you have to overlook that to enjoy the subject matter.

    Rudy, Hoosiers – Anspaugh and Pizzo do a great job with both of these. Lots of fun characters to root for. Sean Astin brought that role to the table. I’ll watch “Hoosiers” anytime it comes on. Dennis Hopper – please! Awesome.

    “Seabiscuit” another horse movie done well. Toby McGuire raised the bar in it.

    “The Natural” – Redford’s Best – IMO.

    I’d like to throw Dennis Quaid’s name in there just for his films as a wonderful actor – “The Express” and “The Rookie”

    I’ll quit my rambling on “Miracle”. Fun film to watch. Again, we know the outcome but it gives ya goosebumps. Kurt Russell was a pleasure to watch and the support of the actor’s busting their nuts to make the scenes look real added to the essence of the film.

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