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March 3, 2024

I hope each of you enjoyed a Happy Valentine’s Day celebration with someone special. I had the pleasure of spending the day and evening with my family.

We concluded the day with dinner and a trip to the bookstore, something we each enjoy doing.  The kids have always enjoyed it because it’s been a family tradition over the years that each of the kids receives a book whenever we make a trip to the bookstore.

We had a great day and we enjoyed the bookstore, and then we opened cards and exchanged Valentine’s gifts when we arrived home.  Mostly cards, but our youngest daughter insisted on some hand-made gifts, which I always enjoy.

My Valentine’s gift this year was a hand-made coupon book with seven colored papers – all different sizes of course – stapled at one end to create the coupon book.  On each, KJ wrote a value, and it was obvious her intent for creating the coupon book was to spend more time with me in the weeks and months ahead.

The first coupon reads, “One for hanging out with you while you work.” The second, “One for you to put me to bed.” Third, “One for a snack made by Kennedy.” Fourth, “One for a TV Night…just you and me.” Fifth, “One for a Daddy/Daughter Date…any where you want to go.” Sixth, and this coupon is actually upside down, “Good for two hugs a row!” The seventh and final coupon, “Good for me to sing to you, and you can sing along.”

Pretty darn creative for a nine-year-old and definitely one of my more memorable Valentine’s gifts I can ever remember receiving from our kids. I think for Valentine’s Day next year, I just might do the same thing for our kids!

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