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April 18, 2024

The other night as my wife and I were putting our daughter to bed, we laughed about something – as we often do – and our daughter said, “Mom, red face!” with a big grin.

I asked, “What is red face?” and our daughter responded, “Whenever Mom laughs really hard, she gets a red face.”  I asked KJ how many times does she try to get Mom to have a red face each day and she said, “At least once.”

How awesome is that?   Wouldn’t it be neat if we all set a goal each day to see how many people we can get to laugh, and in some cases, so hard that they too can enjoy a red face?

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  1. MamaRed (Jerilynne) says:

    That is awesome Ron…how old is your daughter?

    I’ve found that getting someone else to laugh is a great way to live…that and recognizing people by name wherever possible. One of Weekly Dose of Kindness tips is to laugh and it cracks me up when people tell me “wow, I didn’t think of that as a kindness.” Your daughter intuitively gets that, doesn’t she?

    In fact, I’m doing an interview with a Laughter Coach this weekend…can’t wait!

    love and light, hugs and blessings

  2. Ron Goch says:

    Jerilynne: Thank you for your kind note and I agree, KJ does seem to intuitively “get it,” and it’s neat to see and experience the happiness she desires for others.

    Thanks again for sharing Jerilynne. I hope you enjoy a terrific day and a great “red face” laugh 😉

    All the best, Ron

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