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Ticket sales and service

Ticket Sales and Service

The Telios Group has worked with and implemented ticket sales training and best practices with college athletic departments, collegiate athletic conferences, and professional sports teams.

We have conducted workshops and seminars; assisted teams with creating ticket sales departments; and have provided ticket sales training for sales managers and sales executives.

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Season Ticket Sales
Group Ticket Sales
Single Event Ticket Sales

"Ron Goch has assisted several WNBA teams with their sales efforts, and his impressive knowledge and understanding about the business is exceeded only by the zeal that he has brought to every assignment he has undertaken on behalf of the league.  He is focused, goal-oriented, has a terrific work ethic and embraces every challenge with passion and energy."

Val Ackerman
USA Basketball

Season Ticket Sales

Season ticket sales are the foundation of a successful sports business operation.

The Telios Group has worked with college athletic departments and professional sports teams to successfully implement season ticket sales strategies and programs to significantly increase attendances and revenues.

The Telios Group offers ticket sales consulting and training, and can assist you with creating and implementing a season ticket sales plan, or a comprehensive ticket sales plan that includes seasons, groups and individual event ticket sales.

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Individual Event Ticket Sales

Sports organizations emphasis on ticket sales is usually directed towards season and group ticket sales, but more and more sports organizations are placing a greater focus on individual event ticket sales.

The Telios Group has created and implemented some of the most successful single event ticket sales strategies in sports today.  The key to individual event ticket sales is creating synergy with seasons and group ticket sales strategies.

The Telios Group offers ticket sales consulting and training, and can assist you with creating and implementing a single event ticket sales plan that also includes seasons and group ticket sales.

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“Ron Goch and The Telios Group have the best group ticket sales program I have ever seen.  Ron and The Telios Group helped the CAA increase ticket sales for our 2005 men's basketball championship in just a few weeks.

“The Telios Group’s ticket sales programs were so successful, the Commissioner asked Ron to conduct a group ticket sales workshop for all 12 schools in the CAA.  As a conference, we’re looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship with The Telios Group.”

Robert Goodman
Senior Associate Commissioner
Colonial Athletic Association

Group Ticket Sales

For many years, sports organizations focused primarily on season ticket sales, and group sales were a secondary program.

Today, many professional sports teams have dedicated group ticket sales executives selling group tickets year-round.  The Telios Group has had the privilege to work with and assist teams with creating group ticket sales plans, hiring and training ticket sales managers and executives, and assisting teams with the execution of its group ticket sales programs.

These programs have significantly impacted attendances and revenues, and will only continue to increase for years to come.

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