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“Ron Goch and The Telios Group have the best group ticket sales program I have ever seen.  Ron and The Telios Group helped the CAA increase ticket sales for our 2005 men's basketball championship in just a few weeks.

“The Telios Group’s ticket sales programs were so successful, the Commissioner asked Ron to conduct a group ticket sales workshop for all 12 schools in the CAA.  As a conference, we’re looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship with The Telios Group.”

Robert Goodman
Senior Associate Commissioner
Colonial Athletic Association


What we do
…And why we’re different

In a collaborative approach, we help our clients achieve results through personal, team and organizational development.

Here’s how we do it:

T …Teamwork
E …Effective Communication
L …Listen Actively
I …Innovative Solutions
O …Obsessive on Execution & Details
S …Service

Teamwork – The Telios Group emphasizes and values teamwork.  Our approach each day with each client is collaborative.

Effective Communication – We’re passionate about effective communication to actively listen, learn and gain full appreciation of our clients’ challenges and opportunities.

Listen Actively – We’re skilled listeners, knowing this is what builds mutual understanding, teamwork and trust with each client partnership.

Innovative Solutions – The Telios Group is known for its innovative business solutions and services.  We bring together new and exciting business strategies and explore with our clients their ideas, needs and opportunities to achieve bottom line results.

Obsessive on Execution & Details – Good is not good enough for The Telios Group.  What differentiates us is we take full accountability for our client’s results.  In collaboration with our clients, we set clear and realistic goals, we focus relentlessly on the details, and we enthusiastically execute our strategies with the objective to over-deliver at every turn.

Service – We’re committed to “Any Time, Any Place Access.”  We organize around our client’s needs, fully focused on making each client’s experiences special, and driven each day to deliver results that exceed our clients expectations and earn their loyalty.

“I highly recommend Ron Goch and The Telios Group.  Ron has a firm understanding of what it takes to effectively make positive changes.  He is a great teacher who listens attentively to make sure he can accurately access your needs.

“Ron’s infectious attitude makes you want to improve.  His passion for excellence and execution makes adapting to his recommendations easy.  Through his efforts, our intra and inter-departmental communications have improved.  Game day presentations have made an impact on student-athletes, coaches, staff and fans, and the electricity our activities generate has increased awareness and attendance.

”Ron is the person you need if you want to make positive and effective change.  He truly can make a difference in how you present your program.

Derek Horne
Associate Athletic Director/External Operations
The University of Mississippi


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