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"Ron Goch and The Telios Group have what it takes to bring your program to the next level.  Ron is constantly encouraging in a way that inspires you to want to work hard for your fans.  My favorite thing about Ron is the positive attitude he possess. It is refreshing to be around someone that has such a passion and a vision for improving your program.

“Ron makes it a priority to communicate with fans; whether it’s fan to fan, consultant to fan, or simply listening to the conversations of fans.  It's important to him that our fans have the best experience possible at all of our athletic events.

“After working with Ron, I am able to better understand and appreciate the work of others around me and how we, together, can make a difference for our fans."

Emily Oxford
Former Athletic Spirit Coordinator
The University of Mississippi


Fan development and retention

Sports organizations have recognized the need for marketing a team on a grassroots level and many of the successful teams have created a fan development department.

Fan development programs include community relations programs, kids clubs and youth programs, adult and youth clinics, and many other programs.

If you would like to learn how The Telios Group can assist you with creating a fan development program, or if you’re interested in having us conduct a workshop for your sports organization, please Contact Us.

The College Market

The College Market

College marketing can be a lot of fun, and it can be equally challenging.

With the technology and gadgets today – high-speed Internet, smart cell phone, wireless personal data (PDS), and iPods – the ever-changing marketing and landscape is much different than it was years ago.

If you would like to develop on-target strategies to successfully reach and motivate students, faculty and staff to attend your sports events, contact The Telios Group and we’ll assist you with your college marketing plan.  Contact Us.

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