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"Since the fall of 1997, I have been privileged and honored to work with Ron Goch on countless projects.  I appreciate Ron personally because I know his word is his bond.  He does not promise what he cannot honestly follow through and deliver.

"Ron has gone the extra mile to make opportunities available to our company that has helped our business grow.  Perhaps most importantly, I've never (yes, I mean NEVER) heard anyone question his character.  In the world of sales and marketing this is a profound statement.

"We trust Ron.  We know that he shares our core values.  We know that he has always given the best of himself to help our business."

Eddie Bryant
Vice President of Marketing
FMB Advertising


What we believe

Why Telios
The Telios Group Logo

In sports marketing, we often hear about the four P’s – or the strength of P’s – that define marketing.  Some of those P’s include Product, Package, Price, Promotion, Publicity, and Premium.

We believe all these P’s have its place in the marketing mix, but we also believe there are six P’s that are equally important to successful sports marketing and sales and they include: Passion, Purpose, Plan, Persistence, Principles and People.

Each of these words focuses squarely on each of our customers.

At The Telios Group, sport is our passion, but it’s our plan, our purpose, and our passion to exceed our client’s expectations at every turn…each and every day of our partnership.

Our principles are hard work, integrity and a relentless persistence for achieving our client’s goals.

At the core of our company and our partnerships are people – our teammates.  We enjoy working together for a common goal; sharing similar values; caring for one another; achieving success together; and having fun each and every day. 

That’s what we believe…and what motivates us each day.

Why Telios?

The word telios (tell-ee-ahs) is a Greek word commonly used in the Bible’s New Testament and has several different meanings  - to make complete; to fulfill; to make whole or perfect; to be physically sound and healthy; to satisfy; to meet the requirements; to convert into reality; to execute.       

Each of these descriptions ties in well with The Telios Group's strategic business goals to involve the whole team; to effectively listen to gain full appreciation for our client’s challenges and needs; to take full accountability for our client’s results; to fully focus on making each of our client’s experiences special; and to enthusiastically execute to over-deliver at every turn.

The Telios Group Logo

The Telios Group logo signifies the ripple effect.  It is what motivates us each day.  Like a pebble on still water, it’s our vision that our simple approach will have a far-reaching impact and inspire people, change and growth throughout the sports business world.

The Telios Group
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