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"Ron Goch introduced me to the world of sports sales and marketing in the spring of 2002.  His positive upbeat style and great attitude pushed me to become a better salesperson each day.  He is an amazing coach and knows how to motivate!  Hard work, attention to detail and product knowledge are just a few of Ron's fine traits.  Ron helped my career in sales immensely and I know he can help you.  Ron Goch knows how to get things accomplished and I would recommend him to anyone."

Dustin Dehlin
Ticket Sales Executive
Utah Jazz


Executive coaching

The Telios Group offers private executive coaching and sport marketing mentoring.  Ron Goch, founder of The Telios Group, is the exclusive coach and mentor for each program.

Ron works with you privately to provide professional, objective direction to improve your performance, enhance your approach, and develop skills you need to achieve your goals.

Ron’s approach:

Identify where you are;
Identify where you need and want to be;
And, work with you to achieve your goals.

Want to learn more?  Contact Ron.

Private Coaching

Our private coaching program’s objective is to provide participants with confidential help with issues and concerns presently confronting them.

We individualize each program, tailoring to the needs and goals of each particular participant.

In order to achieve the desired results, it’s essential the coaching relationship must be one of commitment – sustaining that commitment through the most challenging times – in order to achieve goals and improve the executive’s performance.

Want to learn more?  Contact Ron.

Sport marketing Mentoring Program

Through The Telios Group Sport Marketing Mentoring Program, Ron Goch has facilitated career development for individuals, and has mentored participants with a new position, and those who have been given a new project.

With nearly 20 years of experience that has included college athletics and professional sports administration, consulting and training, Ron provides knowledge, recommendations, consultation, and continually motivates through encouragement.

Ron’s broad perspectives and experiences in the sports business have made him an attractive mentor to many sports executives.

Want to learn more?  Contact Ron.

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