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“I've never met anyone with the enthusiasm and dedication to seeing others succeed like Ron Goch exhibits.

“In 1998 I first met Ron in Tennessee when I was running our Balloon World business.  It was apparent Ron cared about people and he always offered to assist me if I ever needed help with anything.

“In 2005, I sent an e-mail to several friends and business associates asking for help and direction with our inflatable balloon business.  Within a few hours Ron replied and offered his assistance.  Before I could respond, Ron had already researched the Inflatable business to learn ways to best guide me and our business operations.

“Needless to say, I was impressed when Ron started telling me what he learned about my profession – especially knowing his expertise has been sports and entertainment - and the fact he was able to provide me with best practices for marketing our products, selling our services, and strategies for relationship-building with our current and prospective clients.

“What Ron provided in a matter of hours was everything we needed.  He took the initiative and invested his personal time to assist me and our business, and I’m thankful he was so willing to help.

“Not only did Ron go the extra mile that day, but he’s since followed up by phone and e-mail to see how we’re doing and offer help where we’ve needed it.  Ron has ensured our success, not letting me go it alone and learn by trial and error.

“I highly recommend Ron and The Telios Group to any individual, company or organization looking for the best business practices and strategies to be successful.  Ron and The Telios Group’s relentless dedication, experience and knowledge of what it takes to be successful will deliver results and exceed your expectations as they did mine.”

Tim George
Balloon World

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