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“I’ve known Ron Goch since 1991 and honored to recommend him and The Telios Group.  Ron’s been successful throughout his career and is a person who provides positive support and known for his high energy, unique ideas, and strong work ethic.

“We hired Ron and The Telios Group to provide marketing and development executive coaching; to conduct an analysis of our athletics department business operations; and to assist with developing a strategic business plan.

“Through Ron’s guidance and coaching, we not only developed a solid strategic business plan, but also some unique marketing strategies, a prospective business contact list, and other strategies to assist us with increasing revenues.

“Ron’s tireless efforts have assisted our marketing and development director with successfully executing the business plan to establish contacts where marketing strategies have been implemented.  We’ve been able to take our business operations and revenue generation to greater heights with the strategies The Telios Group provided us.

“Take advantage of The Telios Group and their experience, knowledge and relentless effort to enhance your business operations.”

Norma Carr
Director of Athletics
Salt Lake Community College

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