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Taking The Next Step In Sports Career

May 25th 2009

Q. You have a lot of experience in the sports business industry. I am ready to make the next step in my career to try to move into a sales position with a Major League team. Would you have any advice on best practices other than places like Teamwork? I have begun to network with all of my connections. Is this the best way?

A. A great question and I appreciate you asking it.  In true consulting fashion, I have some questions as well.

What sports business groups and networks are you connected to and how are you engaging, sharing and learning in each of those groups and networks?

As a member of several groups and networks, I know each of the members want to help, share and see people like yourself advance in the sports business, and there are so many people who can assist you with your goals.  I encourage you to ask your questions to the groups and networks you belong to so you can receive a variety of comments and input based on members experiences.

It’s also great for groups and network members to know who wants to advance or who the rising stars are in the sports business. With that said, what are you doing to be an all-star in the sports business? How are you differentiating yourself from others in similar positions that would also receive consideration for a position you’d like to score?

How are you connected to TeamWork Online? Like others who are connected, or have you personally contacted the to TeamWork Online staff, asked questions, created the opportunity to get to know the staff, and position yourself differently from others who would be considered or recommended for a position by to TeamWork Online?

Have you participated in any of the job fairs teams host and frequently post on TeamWork Online? These job fairs are a great opportunity to network, and some accept resumes, interview candidates, and offer a great experience that may open a door for the opportunity you’re seeking.

Are you known in the sports business as a connector? It’s great to connect with your network, but how are you connecting people in your network to each other? Those who are known as connectors, and who find ways to help people are the most valuable people in the sports business.

As people step forward to assist you, I encourage you to thank them by paying it forward to others. That’s what makes the sports business so special and enjoyable.

Finally, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if I can ever be of assistance to you in any way. As I’ve often said, many people have assisted me in hopes I’d win, and it’s always my pleasure to take time to assist people so you and others can benefit and then pass it on.

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