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Staying Connected With Season Ticket Holders

March 9th 2009

Q. In this down economy, what strategies or best practices do you recommend sports teams consider for staying connected with their fans?

A. This is a great question and the right focus – your season ticket holders, group leaders and loyal fans.

With the struggling economy and less disposable income, many sports teams find themselves struggling to meet their projected ticket sales goals and therefore find themselves focusing on new ticket sales rather than remaining committed to retention efforts and new ticket sales.

Here are three strategies to consider for staying engaged with your fans:

1. Thank-a-thon: Conduct a thank-a-thon (via telephone calls) with your primary focus to thank your season ticket holders and group leaders for their loyal commitment to your team. This isn’t a time to up-sell or remind them of when the renewal invoices will be sent; it’s simply a time to say “thank you,” answer any questions they may have, and also confirm their contact information.

2. Player Greeters: Years ago, a large number of NBA teams positioned their players at the entrances to their arenas and asked their fans to come early to the game for a special surprise. Needless to say, season ticket holders were all smiles when they looked up to see a player reaching out to shake hands or greet them with a high-five.

3. Seat Visits: Seat visits to season ticket holders and group leaders should take place every game, but if this isn’t a part of your current game plan, it definitely should be. It’s a great opportunity to stay connected face-to-face, ask how their enjoying the season, ask for input and ideas, and ensure they’re taking advantage of each of their season ticket and group leader benefits.

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