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Wooden’s Expectations of Team Members

March 1st 2007

John Wooden, who won 10 NCAA Basketball Championships at UCLA and who was named Coach of the Century by ESPN, shares in his book “The Essential of Wooden,” (by John Wooden and Steve Jamison) that he had nine expectations of team members – which I believe could apply to life, work and sport – and they were:   


  1. Always be a gentleman. 

  2. Always be a team player. 

  3. Always be on time whenever time is involved. 

  4. Always be learning. 

  5. Always be enthusiastic, dependable, and cooperative. 

  6. Always be earning the right to be proud and confident. 

  7. Always keep emotions under control without losing fight or aggressiveness. 

  8. Be spirited, not temperamental. 

  9. Always work to improve, knowing you can never improve enough.

Ron Goch,
The Telios Group
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