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Why run a Marathon?

March 29th 2006

That’s a question I’m commonly asked when someone learns that running a marathon is one of the goals on my life goal list.

Well, I’ve paid my “race” entrance fee, have been preparing my mind and body for “the day,” and with only a few months to go, I’m finding it to be a battle of the mind, which is exactly why I have “to complete a marathon” as one of my life goals.

I’ve read to “stay focused on the positive,” and to add the phrase “…but it doesn’t matter” to the end of any negative thought that may creep into my mind or out of my mouth (which more times than not happens when I run more than one mile).

I’ve been reading “The Non-Runner’s Marathon Trainer,” by Whitsett, Dolgener and Kole, which I probably should have read several months ago.  It’s been an informative read and undoubtedly will prove helpful in my training and on the day of the marathon.  Note that I didn’t say “race” day!

In the book, the authors share the technique of “self-talk.”  They reference how we often talk to ourselves in our heads, and how some even do this aloud.  (My wife is one of them, but don’t tell her I told you!)  Anyway, the authors share how the self-talk influences our attitudes and behaviors, and how significant this is because these thoughts lead to our perceptions of ourselves.

This is so true!

I’ve often said to people, “I’m horrible with directions.”  In fact, just this past weekend I found myself getting lost trying to find a friends home and I’m sure my self-talk wasn’t too positive!  I believe I may have talked aloud a time or two as well, and thank goodness no one else was in the car!

Okay, back to the marathon and “positive” self-talk!

For me, preparing and running in a marathon will be the ultimate challenge, especially since I’m not a “runner.”  The race is about 20 miles more than I’ve ever run at one time, and the 26.2 miles is more than I’d usually run in one week, let alone one day.

So why do it?  Well, that’s the same question I asked myself when it started pouring on mile three of one of my recent four-mile runs.  But I immediately followed up those negative thoughts with “because I can!”

So I guess that’s my answer to the question why run a marathon?

Because I can, and I’m thankful I can.

Have an awesome day and keep your “self-talk” positive!

Ron Goch, The Telios Group

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