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What Will They Say at Your Funeral?

July 5th 2006

Have you ever thought to yourself what people will say at your funeral? I had not thought about this question until recently when I overheard someone ask this question.

I reflected on the question and thought I’d share this intriguing question along with many other questions for you to consider.

Who do you think will attend your funeral? Who will give your eulogy?

What are you hopeful your family, friends, co-workers, church friends, neighbors and colleagues memories of you will be?

Have you given this much thought?

As an exercise, have you ever been asked to write your own obituary?

Will the stories people tell be humorous, sad, or appreciative? Will the stories reflect a life of balance, purpose, and meaning?

Have you made deposits in each of the areas of your life?

Will the honest and unguarded comments about you and the life you lived be positive and inspiring?

Have you expressed appreciation to everyone in your life?

How will you be remembered as a friend, as a husband/wife…as a son/daughter…as a neighbor…as a colleague?


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